Vegan Options at Some Common Restaurant Chains

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Finding vegan options when eating out is not as difficult as it used to be. Many restaurants have recognized the market for vegan food and have added products to their menus to attract this traditionally underserved customer base. If you've had difficulty finding vegan food when you eat out, that's about to change. In this tough economy, restaurants are eager to bring new customers to their establishments, and vegans are high on their radars! Here's where you can find yummy vegan food at the restaurants you know best!

Burger King – The BK Veggie – This vegetarian burger is available at almost every Burger King. Order it without mayo to make it completely vegan.

McDonalds – TheMcVeggie. This is only available at a select few stores right now, but if you ask your local McDonalds to serve it, chances are they will seriously consider it. Get a bunch of your friends to request it, and it's a virtual shoo-in for the menu!

Denny's – Substitute a vegan Boca burger on any burger dish on the menu.

Subway – Order a veggie sub with no mayo or cheese and get it on whole wheat bread. Be aware, though, that if you're avoiding honey, Subway DOES put honey in their bread dough.

Quiznos – Order a veggie sub without the cheese.

Cheesecake factory– Order angel hair pasta with garlic and marinara sauce, the eggplant sandwich or the portabello burger. You can also ask for other menu items without cheese to make them vegan.

PF Changs – Order the season tofu lettuce wraps, spring rolls (ask for them without eggs, if possible), coconut curry vegetable plate, as well as any other purely vegetable-based dishes you see on the menu. PF Changs typically has quite a few vegan options for its customers, as do most other Asian restaurants.