Vegan Cheese – A Low Fat Alternative to Dairy Cheese

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Milk and milk products are known to have serious role in a healthy diet. Still lot of people feel reluctant to include dairy and dairy products as, these are high in fat and can also cause allergic reactions on the body. A healthy alternative to dairy products is soy. Especially soy cheese that is also known as vegan cheese can help you to avoid the high fat milk cheese. In fact vegan cheese can also be used as a low fat alternative for a weight loss diet.

Benefits of Vegan cheese:

· Vegan cheese is low in saturated fat. It will not raise your cholesterol like milk products.

· It is high in essential amino acids that are good for the heart.

· It is also a rich source of vitamin B. This helps neuromuscular function.

· It is a rich source of calcium, which is necessary for healthy teeth and bones and also for absorption of glucose by the body.

· It has a good amount of omega 3 fatty acids. These are essential for keeping the cholesterol levels low, and also keep the brain function normal.

· It is free of lactose, and can be consumed by people with lactose intolerance.

· It also has vitamin D, which contains the bones and keeps them healthy.

· The high vitamin content of vegan cheese is especially helpful in certain conditions like menopause.

· This is because it is rich in isoflavines that help treat hormonal imbalance.

· It is not pungent to taste so it makes an ideal ingredient for any recipe or as an accompaniment to salad or other meals.

Side effects of Vegan cheese:

There are no known side effects of vegan cheese and it is known to be a healthy substitute for milk cheese, which is high in saturated fat, and heavy protein. Unlike dairy cheese, it retains its calcium content, without adding cholesterol and fat to the body.