The Reasons Why Vegans Do Not Consume Dairy Products

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All true vegans abstain from dairy products, some for purely ethical reasons, and others for nutritional reasons.

The nutritional reasons are many. Studies have shown that a range of health problems comes from a high intake of dairy products. These problems include high cholesterol, diabetic problems, obesity and many others.

Vegans do not believe that it is naturally for humans to keep drinking milk after we develop the ability to consume solid foods. Humans are the only species who drinks milk after childhood. In addition, milk, cheese and butter contain undesirable hormones from cows, added by farmers to increase production.

Vegans who abstain from consuming dairy products for ethnic reasons also have many reasons for doing so.

The treatment of dairy cows is probably the first ethical reason why vegans do not consume milk, cheese, butter and other dairy products. To maintain a steady and constant milk production, farmers impregnate milking cows once a year. Vegans also pay attention to the fact that calves and their mothers are separated from each other short after birth and that the calf are not allowed to suck off their mother. Instead, they end up for either veal production, beef production or as replacement dairy cows.

To further increase the milk production, the farmers feed the dairy cows with steroids. Some of these steroids find their way through and end up in the milk.

Once a calf is chosen for veal production it is forced to live in a space so tiny, it can not turn around or groom itself. Then the calf is fed up with hormones and as soon as they weigh enough, they end up at the slaughterhouse

If you are thinking about becoming vegan, you may want to take some time to think about why this is. Do you want to live a vegan lifestyle for ethical reasons, dietary reasons or maybe both? Decide if these arguments are strong enough to keep you vegan. If you are not sure if you can live a full vegan lifestyle, there is also the choice of becoming vegetarian and only consume organic dairy products. These animals live on organic farms where there is a much higher focus on the wealth and health of the animals. Whatever you decide you should emerge with a strong perspective and a good understanding of what you want.