International Easy Delicious Vegetarian Recipes

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When you're looking for easy, delicious vegetarian recipes, you should try your hand at making a variety of curries. Curries are made out of a huge number of vegetables, and are not only easy to make, but they are wonderful and very filling, especially when served over rice. If you like curries and find that you make them a lot, it's a good idea to keep coconut milk as a staple in your cupboard so you can make a vegetarian curry at the last minute if you need to.

If it's the first time you've ever tried to make your own curry, you should try a simple dish of curved vegetables. For this easy delicious vegetarian recipe there is a mixture of certain spices that you need to have. These include turmeric, curry, cumin, and coriander. Make sure you have these in your cupboard before you start cooking. In your food processor, blend together an onion, some garlic, fresh ginger, and a green chili. Depending on the spiciness factor you want in your dish, either remove all of the seeds from the chili before you add it to the blender or leave a couple in for a lot more spice. After this mixture is smooth, add it to a frying pan with a little bit of vegetable oil and your curry spices. Cook for a couple of minutes or until it the fragrance fills the room. Then, add a bunch of chopped vegetables, including cauliflower, green beans, carrots, zucchini, and potatoes, to the skillet along with some coconut milk. Cover and let this cook until all the flavors are blended and the vegetables are soft.

Lentils are a very popular ingredient for vegetarian curries. When cooking a curry from lentils, the first step is to make sure you cook the lentils properly. If you do not, you'll end up with a curry that is crunchy and inedible. So, make sure that you pour some vegetable broth or vegetable stock into a pot and simmer with the lentils until the lentils are soft. Then, you need to repeat the same step from the previous curry recipe where you sautéed chopped onions in oil and cooked with garlic, a green chili, and the same dried spices until fragrant. For this recipe, though, add the soft lentil and some chopped tomatoes to the pan and simmer together for fifteen minutes. Serve while hot over fresh white rice or naan bread (a traditional Indian bread that you can find in some grocery stores).

If you want some variety in your easy delicious vegetarian recipes, you can add some different ingredients to the lentil curry. First, when you are sautéing the onion in some oil, add some chopped red peppers and carrots to the pan. Then, at the end of the recipe, when you are adding tomatoes and lentils to the pan with the onion, garlic, and spices, you can also add some chopped zucchini, bite-size cauliflower, and mushrooms before you simmer. If you desire a sweeter lentil curry, you can also add some coconut milk to the final product before you simmer.

The great thing about making these easy, delicious vegetarian recipes is that they're all very healthy, very filling, and something that you can make as a last minute meal.