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New to Holland & Barrett high-street stores, Vegan Egg
CanO Water, the alternative to single use plastic bottles, is launching a new campaign to encourage Londoners to be more environmentally friendly.
The Sow & Grow campaign inspires children to grow their own
The versatility of vegetables is continuing to be a hot topic as products including juices and even desserts have undergone a veggie makeover.
Eat Peckham Vegan Week is a celebration of all things vegan to make Peckham healthier and more environmentally friendly. During the week of May 15th the non-profit group Peckham Vegans will be giving away 250 free meals, promoting businesses with our vegan map and sharing four locally sourced recipes.
Was weaning stressful for you and your little one?
VeggieWorld, one of Europe's biggest and oldest vegan festivals, is coming to London!
Ever wondered what difference it would make to the world if you went vegan? Or the impact you've already made since going vegan?
The Soil Association has launched a new league table that looks at the state of food in some of the UK's most popular visitor attractions.
The story of how former model-turned entrepreneur Heather Mills started hervegan journey is well known.

The best-selling author, nutrition educator, and fine art photographer passed away after a short battle with pancreatic cancer.\n\n\nread more
From large soda corporations to small startup brands, food companies of all size are recognizing that low-sugar is the future.\n\nread more
\n\n \n \n \n Rachel Cernansky\n \n \n\nMany claims are entirely misleading and give the average shopper a false sense of confidence in choosing products they think are healthy, according to a new study. \n\n\nread more
\n\n \n \n \n Melissa Beatty,\n \n \n\n \n\n \n \n \n NeoCell \n \n \nNever thought of adding collagen to a salad? There's a first time for everything. This filling yet refreshing kale salad gets a satisfying jolt of flavor from tahini dressing and an extra nutrient boost from collagen powder.\n\n \n\n \n \n \n \n \n
There is a wide range of calcium-rich ingredients to fill your plate. Here are 21 recipes that offer high amounts of calcium.\n\nread more
We couldn\'t help but be smitten with this organic dairy company\'s authentic, creative post that helps tell its story and reconnect with its mission. \n\nread more
Here are 10 ways to save on your grocery bill and boost nutrition in your meals by stretching animal proteins.\n\nread more
More personal care companies are committing to producing cleaner, safer cosmetics that support health and sustainability. \n\n\nread more
As we think more critically about how the foods we eat impact the environment, it’s also time to seek out sustainable personal care products that nourish not just our bodies—but also our planet. \n\n\nread more
Your burger may be tasty, but it’s rough on the environment. Here\'s how cutting down on meat can save water and reduce methane gas and carbon emissions.\n\n\nread more

Unilever announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Sir Kensington’s, a New York-based condiment maker
Coconut is an abundant ingredient in all the varieties of new Coconola.
The company has released a new flavor – Apple Pie Extra Strength 5-hour ENERGY®, featuring the iconic MLB silhouetted batter logo appearing on the bottle.
Whole Milk Drinkables and Double Cream Yogurt are made with USDA Organic milk without the use of pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs.
Grapes for the Earth Wise Vineyards Red Wine Blend come from traditional, organically grown vineyards in Spain, primarily around La Mancha.
Canadians will be the first in the world to try Bud Light Radler, a refreshing drink for the summer the taste of grapefruit.  
Cake Crisps were inspired by the growing popularity of snacks that are sweet, satisfying, shareable and unique.
Cow Candy® combines the whimsy of the candy aisle with the nutritious goodness of Wisconsin cheese.
The unique oil is extracted from the hard outer brown layer of rice after the tuff.
Cascadian Farm has agreed to purchase an initial amount of the perennial grain which allows TLI to arrange with farmers to plant on commercial-scale fields versus the test sized plots currently being grown.